Press Seminar

Shanghai: Press seminar
Location: Puxi, Shanghai

21 hours before press conference:

Just landed Shanghai Pudong airport from Hong Kong, it was easy and fast. My friends and driver have already arrived and are waiting outside. It’s always so nice to see them as they are so sincere, they are taking me to my favorite hotel in Shanghai.

17 hours before:

Now in the car heading to the office to meet with our collaborators to go over tomorrow’s presentation.

14 hours before:

On our way to a very chic privately owned tea house. They have the best tea in Shanghai. We also ordered in Chinese food, more than 9 dishes! So delicious, our meeting continues.

11 hours before:

Wrapping up our meeting. “How about some Kareoke?” A friend asked, and has already reserved the hottest, latest, new Kareoke club in Shanghai. “Sure, why not?!” I answered delightfully. People love karaoke here in Asia, I always just go with the flow wherever I am.  The driver dropped us off at the Kareoke place, I was impressed when I walked in, how fascinating, advanced and fast growing China is. I come to Shanghai every 2 to 3 months and every time I come there are more and more new clubs and restaurants being built, newer and better. This one is just beautiful and very well done by the top designers. The manager of the club gave us the largest suite, what a nice room, large screens with the best speakers and sound system and a stage in the front. Waiters bring us drinks immediately, champaign, western/eastern food, fruit platters, desserts…covering our long big table.  Can’t believe they are still offering us more options on the menu.
More friends show up to join us. We are singing our hearts out!!!

7 hours before:

It’s 4am, I’m heading back to the hotel to catch a few hours of sleep before my press conference. I guess I’m used to the life of traveling, a few hours of sleep is sufficient…

1 hour before:

Now arrived at this spacious conference room in a building. The room is nicely lit, with warm lighting and comfortable chairs for my audience. There will be 800 or more at attendance. I am thrilled and very excited. I took out my Powerpoint presentation, refresh my memory, ready to go on stage…

15 mins before:

The presenter is now on stage telling jokes and giving people a brief introduction on me, “Let’s welcome Christie Hsiao….” I’m walking up toward the stage…short music begins, it feels like time just stops…all eyes on me…  “Ni hao ma…” I greeted everyone in Chinese.