Press Conference

MagicLand_smallRome, Italy.
Location: Rainbow Magicland

36 hours before press conference:

Rome! This is my first time in Rome, and I am excited and very curious. I arrived at 10pm, ready to blend into the Italian culture, including late dinners, singing, and partying. I had the best pasta dish with white fish…I loved it! Now a friend is taking me to the city’s best gelato place, and I cannot wait! We arrived, there are over 50 flavors…the REAL Italian gelato…I had 3! My gelato stacked up like a mountain, and I’m loving it… The gelato shop owner is sweet, and kept giving me more and more ice cream and an amazing traditional Italian sweet. I am in heaven~

22 hours before press conference:

My Italian friends are giving me a tour on the major places in Rome. The history and town is so old, and so rich in history, and filled with the fascinating architecture of the Romans. My favorite touristy spot is Trevi Fountain, where I made 3 wishes! Who said we are only allowed to make 1 wish?

14 hours before press conference:

Dresses have arrived, specially made from a famous Italian designer here. I’m delighted…best part of being a girl with an unlimited supply of clothes—I love fashion! Trying them on…surprisingly all the dresses are slightly big…I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in any dress, since I’ve been devouring pasta and desserts. They are calling the seamtress now…

2 hours before:

It’s 10am, and I’m super excited! Getting dressed. Now the car has arrived, and we are going to the best amusement park in Rome. The organizer arranged to have the entire park prepared just for Journey to Rainbow Island event. I can’t wait to see everyone and meet new people; Italian families, children, celebs and press.

1 hour before:

We are here at Rainbow Magicland. 1,000 people were invited. The organizer is showing us the park—we are going on roller coaster rides, mazes, and other rides with no lines. It’s so much fun… we are now walking to the stadium theatre where I will speak… I am excited!  After my speech there will be a one-hour music show. After the performance, we will treat our guests to dinner in the park’s castle. This is like a dream come true….  Thanks to all my Italian friends and our organizer, and thanks to all the pasta and gelato!  I will be back!