Press Conference

London: Pre-Cannes Press Conference
Location: Mayfair

2 days before press conference:

Here I am in London, one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s international, posh, and you can pretty much find anything you are looking for here. For me, a crazed health maniac, the first stop I asked to be taken was not the most expensive restaurant or exclusive club: All I wanted to was to go Whole Foods Market, and thank God, they are everywhere in London! This is all I need; I’m happy with just clean water, fresh juice, and organic produce when it’s available. So coming to London was easy and I’m feeling in the best condition.

26 hours before press conference:

Feeling amazingly great, weather is oddly sunny and beautiful, I’m having such fun time touring around the city and showing my family my favorite spots in London.

13 hours before press conference:

I’m starting to feel a bit nervous . . . since I’ve been having too much fun without preparing my speech. I decided to do some homework, instead of playing all day. So I decided to visit the hotel where my press conference will be held, to take a look at the stage and the room, where I will be standing, etc., to get familiar with the place.

2 hours before press conference:

This is my first informal presentation before my other big ones. Thank God it wasn’t intimidating, with family and friends here with me. I’m feeling pretty good—grabbed a cup cake before I went on stage… Here I come … All eyes on me…


I did it! Yay!! Finished my first press conference … feeling great as a few people told me they felt inspired by my story… So grateful people liked it… Onwards!!