Press Conference

Cannes, France
Location: Carlton International Hotel

3 days before press conference:

Arrived in Nice, France after 13-hour flight. Now in the car on my way to my hotel, Carlton Cannes. Had a fun conversation with the French driver; I like their interesting points of view on things.

2 days before:

My breakfast: Different colors, flavors, assortment of macaroons and strawberry/banana/nutella/whip cream crepes. I love the desserts here!

I think I will go for a run to burn off all of these desserts…how about a walk by the ocean—the sun is shining, sky is blue, ocean is sparkling… Cannes is beautiful…

1 day before press conference: Preparation with Rainbow Island team. I’m so grateful everyone is working so hard, all 25 of them and others that are here to set up the sound, stage, light, and music. It’s coming together and looking beautiful…

15 mins before:

I showed up early before the press conference began, as I wanted to greet my guests as they arrived, to help them feel welcome. I wanted this to be a private and intimate event, even though we are in Cannes among all the craziness of the Film Festival. The team did an amazing job setting up the room with great lighting and Rainbow Island banners—it’s so cool, I’m excited!

10 mins before:

People are coming in, and the room is filling up. Wow! We didn’t expect so many people would show up… people from different countries, filmmakers, producers, people in media and the entertainment industry. I am so happy, having a wonderful time meeting everyone, hugging my friends that came to support me, and talking to new people that are curious about who I am and what I’m here to talk about… all good. I love meeting new people! The room feels in harmony, music is playing, people are having a good time, drinking champagne…enjoying appetizers.. .


French translator on stage just announced my name…time to go on stage…. I am ready!!! Super excited!!