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Christie Hsiao | Movie producer, YA Book Author - Mar 08, 2021

About Christie

Journey to Rainbow Island | Los Angeles School Event - May 12, 2016

Los Angeles

New York Times Bestseller - May 11, 2016

About Christie

2017 Christie Hsiao School Book Tour Pukalani elementary school 800 kids event - Nov 29, 2015

Famous Author Influencer Christie Hsiao visiting Kelso Elementary positive inspiring fun! - Nov 29, 2015

About Christie

2017 Christie’s Book Tour, KeauKaHa Elementary School, students chant to welcome and thank Christie - Nov 28, 2015

About Christie

Christie Hsiao School Book Tours Kehei & Lokelan Elementary School, Maui Hawaii 2017 - Nov 27, 2015

Christie Hsiao speaking at Lennox Middle School - Nov 27, 2015

China Film Market

Interview with Brian Grazer - Nov 03, 2015


Korea Book Signing - Oct 30, 2015

Korea October 2015

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Korea MBC Radio interview - Oct 30, 2015

Christie Hsiao on Korean TV show(Jeon-Kuck-Shi-Dae) - Oct 30, 2015

Korea MBC TV televised Christie attending 45th MBC Anniversary Celebrate Book Release in Korea - Oct 30, 2015

Korea MBC TV televised Christie’s Book Release in Korea - Oct 30, 2015

New York Radio

New York Radio Interview- Part 1 - Oct 29, 2015

New York Radio Interview Part 2 - Oct 29, 2015

Interviews in New York City- Christie’s point of views - Oct 29, 2015

Beverly Hills
Los Angeles Peninsula Hotel Invitation

Los Angeles Photos - Dec 09, 2013

Journey to Rainbow Island Book and Video Game Launch - Dec 09, 2013

LA Press Conference - Dec 09, 2013

New York

New York Photos - Nov 21, 2013

NYC Press Conference - Nov 21, 2013

Lennox Middle School

Lennox Middle School, Los Angeles, CA - Nov 24, 2015

Lennox Middle School, Los Angeles, CA - Nov 24, 2015

Hollywood Museum

Christie Hsiao TV interview with Joan Quinn - Oct 30, 2015

Beijing University

Beijing University - Oct 20, 2014

September 27, 2014 Beijing China Topic of Discussion: Sharing my success life story, creative writing and Journey To Rainbow Island.

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Shanghai World Masters Event - Oct 18, 2014

October 15, 2014 Shanghai, Songjiang Topic of Discussion: Creative writing, film making and Journey To Rainbow Island

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Songjiang International school

Shanghai International School - Oct 17, 2014

Brentwood, CA

Paul Revere Charter Middle School - May 22, 2014

Santa Monica

Barnes & Noble Book Signing - Apr 15, 2014

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books - Apr 12, 2014

LA Times Festival of Books - Apr 12, 2014

Torrance - Del Amo

Book Signing at Kidgits Book Blast - Mar 22, 2014

Kidgits Book Blast - Mar 22, 2014

Fan’s insight on JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND book - Mar 22, 2014

Fan’s insight on JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND book - Mar 22, 2014


Christie’s interview with Fun Kids Radio - Mar 02, 2014

Listen to the Radio Interview

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Christie meets Hag & Con from Kidz Coolit - Feb 23, 2014


Quotes - Feb 22, 2014

“I am proud that youre spreading positivity on earth through story telling. too much negativity in movies, radio, tv, and music. you made me realize that there are only 2 things on earth: good and evil. good is where humans came from and evil will do everything to drag humans back into their world of hell which is why we need to ask God for protection against evil on earth as humans have no power against evil. thanks for opening my eyes lol thanks to you ill be in “research mode” of whats happening on earth.
I shall try to make the next book event!”

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Los Angeles

Christie Hsiao & Journey to Rainbow Island Book Signing – Dec. 21, 2013 - Dec 17, 2013

Los Angeles

Kids are 1st and Serenity Media Group are hosting a Journey to Rainbow Island book event - Dec 10, 2013

Pershing Square Holiday On Ice charity booksigning event Kids Are 1st & Christie Hsiao - Dec 10, 2013

December 14, 2013

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JOURNEY at Pershing square - Dec 10, 2013


Quotes - Nov 20, 2013

“Christie Hsiao captures the reader’s imagination and heart in a refreshing and positive way. Journey to Rainbow Island is a true delight.” – Brian Grazer. ACADEMY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER

Journey to Rainbow Island is fantasy at its finest. This is an magnificent and inspiring story young readers will devour.” – Michael Blakey, MULTI AWARD WINNING PRODUCER

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Press Conference - Sep 22, 2013

Cannes, France
Location: Carlton International Hotel

3 days before press conference:

Arrived in Nice, France after 13-hour flight. Now in the car on my way to my hotel, Carlton Cannes. Had a fun conversation with the French driver; I like their interesting points of view on things.

2 days before:

My breakfast: Different colors, flavors, assortment of macaroons and strawberry/banana/nutella/whip cream crepes. I love the desserts here!

I think I will go for a run to burn off all of these desserts…how about a walk by the ocean—the sun is shining, sky is blue, ocean is sparkling… Cannes is beautiful…

1 day before press conference: Preparation with Rainbow Island team. I’m so grateful everyone is working so hard, all 25 of them and others that are here to set up the sound, stage, light, and music. It’s coming together and looking beautiful…

15 mins before:

I showed up early before the press conference began, as I wanted to greet my guests as they arrived, to help them feel welcome. I wanted this to be a private and intimate event, even though we are in Cannes among all the craziness of the Film Festival. The team did an amazing job setting up the room with great lighting and Rainbow Island banners—it’s so cool, I’m excited!

10 mins before:

People are coming in, and the room is filling up. Wow! We didn’t expect so many people would show up… people from different countries, filmmakers, producers, people in media and the entertainment industry. I am so happy, having a wonderful time meeting everyone, hugging my friends that came to support me, and talking to new people that are curious about who I am and what I’m here to talk about… all good. I love meeting new people! The room feels in harmony, music is playing, people are having a good time, drinking champagne…enjoying appetizers.. .


French translator on stage just announced my name…time to go on stage…. I am ready!!! Super excited!!

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Cannes, France Photos - Sep 22, 2013

Cannes Press Conference - Sep 22, 2013


Press Seminar - Sep 21, 2013

Shanghai: Press seminar
Location: Puxi, Shanghai

21 hours before press conference:

Just landed Shanghai Pudong airport from Hong Kong, it was easy and fast. My friends and driver have already arrived and are waiting outside. It’s always so nice to see them as they are so sincere, they are taking me to my favorite hotel in Shanghai.

17 hours before:

Now in the car heading to the office to meet with our collaborators to go over tomorrow’s presentation.

14 hours before:

On our way to a very chic privately owned tea house. They have the best tea in Shanghai. We also ordered in Chinese food, more than 9 dishes! So delicious, our meeting continues.

11 hours before:

Wrapping up our meeting. “How about some Kareoke?” A friend asked, and has already reserved the hottest, latest, new Kareoke club in Shanghai. “Sure, why not?!” I answered delightfully. People love karaoke here in Asia, I always just go with the flow wherever I am.  The driver dropped us off at the Kareoke place, I was impressed when I walked in, how fascinating, advanced and fast growing China is. I come to Shanghai every 2 to 3 months and every time I come there are more and more new clubs and restaurants being built, newer and better. This one is just beautiful and very well done by the top designers. The manager of the club gave us the largest suite, what a nice room, large screens with the best speakers and sound system and a stage in the front. Waiters bring us drinks immediately, champaign, western/eastern food, fruit platters, desserts…covering our long big table.  Can’t believe they are still offering us more options on the menu.
More friends show up to join us. We are singing our hearts out!!!

7 hours before:

It’s 4am, I’m heading back to the hotel to catch a few hours of sleep before my press conference. I guess I’m used to the life of traveling, a few hours of sleep is sufficient…

1 hour before:

Now arrived at this spacious conference room in a building. The room is nicely lit, with warm lighting and comfortable chairs for my audience. There will be 800 or more at attendance. I am thrilled and very excited. I took out my Powerpoint presentation, refresh my memory, ready to go on stage…

15 mins before:

The presenter is now on stage telling jokes and giving people a brief introduction on me, “Let’s welcome Christie Hsiao….” I’m walking up toward the stage…short music begins, it feels like time just stops…all eyes on me…  “Ni hao ma…” I greeted everyone in Chinese.

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Shanghai, China Photos - Sep 21, 2013


Press Conference - May 25, 2013

MagicLand_smallRome, Italy.
Location: Rainbow Magicland

36 hours before press conference:

Rome! This is my first time in Rome, and I am excited and very curious. I arrived at 10pm, ready to blend into the Italian culture, including late dinners, singing, and partying. I had the best pasta dish with white fish…I loved it! Now a friend is taking me to the city’s best gelato place, and I cannot wait! We arrived, there are over 50 flavors…the REAL Italian gelato…I had 3! My gelato stacked up like a mountain, and I’m loving it… The gelato shop owner is sweet, and kept giving me more and more ice cream and an amazing traditional Italian sweet. I am in heaven~

22 hours before press conference:

My Italian friends are giving me a tour on the major places in Rome. The history and town is so old, and so rich in history, and filled with the fascinating architecture of the Romans. My favorite touristy spot is Trevi Fountain, where I made 3 wishes! Who said we are only allowed to make 1 wish?

14 hours before press conference:

Dresses have arrived, specially made from a famous Italian designer here. I’m delighted…best part of being a girl with an unlimited supply of clothes—I love fashion! Trying them on…surprisingly all the dresses are slightly big…I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in any dress, since I’ve been devouring pasta and desserts. They are calling the seamtress now…

2 hours before:

It’s 10am, and I’m super excited! Getting dressed. Now the car has arrived, and we are going to the best amusement park in Rome. The organizer arranged to have the entire park prepared just for Journey to Rainbow Island event. I can’t wait to see everyone and meet new people; Italian families, children, celebs and press.

1 hour before:

We are here at Rainbow Magicland. 1,000 people were invited. The organizer is showing us the park—we are going on roller coaster rides, mazes, and other rides with no lines. It’s so much fun… we are now walking to the stadium theatre where I will speak… I am excited!  After my speech there will be a one-hour music show. After the performance, we will treat our guests to dinner in the park’s castle. This is like a dream come true….  Thanks to all my Italian friends and our organizer, and thanks to all the pasta and gelato!  I will be back!

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Rome, Italy Photos - May 25, 2013

Photo 2 – On my way to the Press Conference Photo 5 - My speaking stage inside 1000 people theatre Photo 7 – Musical performance based on my book Photo 12- …

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Press Conference - May 01, 2013

London: Pre-Cannes Press Conference
Location: Mayfair

2 days before press conference:

Here I am in London, one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s international, posh, and you can pretty much find anything you are looking for here. For me, a crazed health maniac, the first stop I asked to be taken was not the most expensive restaurant or exclusive club: All I wanted to was to go Whole Foods Market, and thank God, they are everywhere in London! This is all I need; I’m happy with just clean water, fresh juice, and organic produce when it’s available. So coming to London was easy and I’m feeling in the best condition.

26 hours before press conference:

Feeling amazingly great, weather is oddly sunny and beautiful, I’m having such fun time touring around the city and showing my family my favorite spots in London.

13 hours before press conference:

I’m starting to feel a bit nervous . . . since I’ve been having too much fun without preparing my speech. I decided to do some homework, instead of playing all day. So I decided to visit the hotel where my press conference will be held, to take a look at the stage and the room, where I will be standing, etc., to get familiar with the place.

2 hours before press conference:

This is my first informal presentation before my other big ones. Thank God it wasn’t intimidating, with family and friends here with me. I’m feeling pretty good—grabbed a cup cake before I went on stage… Here I come … All eyes on me…


I did it! Yay!! Finished my first press conference … feeling great as a few people told me they felt inspired by my story… So grateful people liked it… Onwards!!

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London Pre-Cannes Press Conference Photos - May 01, 2013

London Press Conference - May 01, 2013


Chelsea Monthly TV/Magazine Interview - Feb 18, 2013

Chelsea Monthly TV/Magazine Interview - Feb 18, 2013