Meet the Characters



Our dark-haired, brown-eyed protagonist is 11 years old and has lived her whole life on the Eden that his Rainbow Island. She is actually a Rainbow Child, a gifted one who holds life and power within her, like an angelic being. She is precocious, kind, confident, but yet, a vulnerable girl thrust into a larger-than-life situation that tests her strength, faith, and huge capacity for love. She loves to sing, dance, play, and dress in beautiful clothes, but she is neither spoiled nor vain. She is a powerful force who wields magic for good.



He is also 11 years old, and a Rainbow Child like Yu-ning who has always lived on Rainbow Island. He is thoughtful, quiet, and introspective, but possesses inner strength that he discovers slowly throughout the novel. He is Yu-ning’s best friend, and closest confidante. He is kidnapped by the evil dragon, the obsidigon, as ransom for the precious Seven Sacred Stones that wield limitless power.



A benevolent, magical, spiritual being who manifests at critical moment’s in the story, offering advice, encouragement, wisdom, and divine protection. He is an all-knowing, all-loving man who materializes all in white, bathed in love and white light.



A jovial, tender, good wizard, alchemist, and conjurer who breaks the tension and brings stability to Yu-ning and Romeo during tumultuous times. He is a gift-bringer and master of love and goodness, in a Gandalf-esque sort of way.



A mysterious, beautiful, mythic god. Suparna is rarely seen, but when he appears in his beauty and rainbow light, it is to accelerate the plot, and bring crises to a beneficial head. He is a gargantuan, colorful bird with human-like features, enormous rainbow-feathered wings, human head, pointy eagle nose, magnificent white-feathered body, and two human legs. His gigantic, colorful wings filled the entire sky and radiated shining, dazzling lights. He looked all-powerful and emanated a pure divine energy.



Yu-ning’s whimsical pet tree frog – green, magical, and able to leap high in the air, he follows with her on all her journeys.



The hunter on the forested island of Palova who witnesses a miracle of light, and embraces the light within himself, repenting for his murderous ways, and being “spiritually adopted” by Grandma and Grandpa, who bequeath their beloved magical cottage to him. He gives Yu-ning LightCaster, the magic bow she uses later to battle the Obsidigon.



The 20-year-old crewmember on the ghost ship who first sees Yu-ning’s light, and helps her rally passengers to leave the doomed vessel.



The little boy in Factory who raises empathy for the 500 enslaved children, and helps Yu-ning to spread the message of light, and the miracle of the multiplying pink hearts, to the entire factory floor.


Another child from the worker’s group in Factory, Anne helps Yu-ning and Percy with the miracle of multiplying the first two pink hearts.



He is the angelic teacher who works lives at the top of the Tower of Light at the center of the grey city. He presides over the Anteroom of Heaven as a sort of heavenly gatekeeper, and encourages Yu-ning to bring the colors to the dreary city.



The epitome of royal grace, beauty, magic, and light. She befriends Yu-ning and is revealed to be Yu-ning’s spiritual and manifested other self. An image of Yu-ning’s destiny manifested.



The beautiful, majestic leader of the magical pink dolphins. A principle character in the rescue at sea from the ghost ship, and of Romeo from the underground river on Dark Island.



He is the whimsical, adventurous little boy in Classroom whom Yu-ning enlists to free the students from the colorless confines of the private school. He accompanies her and a large group of fellow classmates to Rainbow Island, only to depart in order to find his beloved mother and bring her back with him to live on the island. A possible character for a sequel.



Jacob’s long-lost brother who lives at the top of Snowy Mountain, at the Porch of Tranquility. He gives Yu-ning the Quiver of Light containing the magic arrows.



He is the antagonist in the novel who conjures the obsidigon dragon from the last remaining obsidigon skull, and uses the obsidigon in an attempt to steal the Seven Sacred Crystals of Rainbow Island. He has been waging war in the land of the Imperial Palace, and is obsessed with gaining ultimate power. His tall, gaunt, and bald, shrouded in a grey robe with a twisted staff.

Hobaling’s Wife

Duped as a young princess by Hobaling, she is tricked into marrying him. Too late, she realizes that Hobaling has used her to gain access to the royal family, and to the last remaining obsidigon skull, housed in a secret hall on the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

The Obsidigon


Half dragon, half fiend, the obsidigon is the evil creation of Hobaling, who has conjured the terrible dragon from the last obsidigon skull. He kidnaps Romeo in an attempt to ransom the gifted boy in exchange for the Seven Sacred Crystals.



Lion has beige color soft furry fur. He is kind and friendly. He plays the most beautiful melody with his magical flute.



Deer’s coat is brown, with white underside to its tail, he has long shining antlers which holds magical powers

Grandma & Grandpa


Grandma: She is 90 years old, has white silver hair tied in a smal bun at the back of her head. She is slightly hunched over, she is smiling and looks loving and kind.

Grandpa:He is almost 100 years old. He is wearing glasses has silver hair, he is filled with warmth and affection.

Rainbow Island


Snow Covered Mountain